Sunday, 9 August 2015

Re-open 10th B.P.S.

On 23.02.2015 M.O.U. signed!

On 25.05.2015 Full settlement signed!
Still UFBU or Individual Union has not opened their mouth and give explanation,
Why Loading on Basic Pay is restricted to 2%?
What made them to accept this proposal?

It may be recalled during 7th B.P.S., IBA has decided to delay/postpone payment of arrears
to three Banks viz. Indian Bank, UCO Bank, United Bank.
Only BEFI has objected it, and refuse to sign the settlement.
BEFI has signed the settlement only after IBA agreed to pay arrears to these Banks along with
other Banks.
What happened to BEFI now?

No circular justifying the decision of loading on Basic Pay is issued till date.

After signing of settlement, IBA has announced some clarification contrary to the provisions
already agreed on the plea of “omitted”.

2nd and 4th Saturday Leave has not been implemented till date.

Some Banks asked for undertaking from retired employees to give option on Increased
Commutation arrears. On seeing the arrears chart for pensioners, they are shocked.
Though some of the pensioners know this from social media, others who are not in social media are disappointed on knowing that pension is being reduced and a portion of pension paid is to be recovered. .

From the comments, feedback from employees from my Face book page and Blog,
I place the following demands on behalf of employees and request UFBU to demand for reopening the 10thB.P.S. and make the following changes to avoid anomaly.

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