Sunday, 16 August 2015


Message from AIBOC:
Dear Comrades,


A lot of queries are being received by us on implementation of second and fourth Saturdays off in
Banking Industry. We understand the anxiety as the issue which is very important, the most cherished and agreed demand of AIBOC, is being delayed in its implementation.

A few individuals from other organisations who were never serious about the demand or were even
creating hurdles in its achievement, are now shedding crocodiles tears. These paper tigers are
provoking common members by giving false information.

Let us advise you that in-principle approval of Govt. and RBI is already in place on the settlement
signed with IBA and more specifically on second and fourth Saturdays off. We are in continuous touch with DFS & IBA officials and have been following the issue. The delay is on account of some
clarifications being sought by authorities which are replied by officials down the line and IBA.

As a responsible Organisation we are vigorously following up and pursuing the issue. However, we cannot make any irresponsible statement of starting any agitation etc. at the present stage. One upmanship is not our objective. We are committed to our members and are endeavouring that fruits of our undeterred efforts for achieving this objective is reaped by them positively.

We are sure that IBA, Govt. & RBI can not deviate from implementation of 2nd & 4th Saturday off. We intend to wait for another week or so and shall review the position before taking any stand on the issue including start of agitation with due information to other constituents of UFBU.

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