Tuesday, 23 June 2015


We confirm having sent the following SMS to all our units this morning:

“ Despite all efforts by AIBEA and SSBEA to work out amicable solution during conciliation and bilateral talks, sbi management maintains their illegal, unfair and anti-associate banks attitude. AIBEA has decided to take up the issue at higher level in govt. In view of this it is decided to postpone the strike of 24th June. Cir follows / CHV AIBEA ”
SBI management persists with anti-Associate Banks approach, insists on illegal stand on right of trade unions, refuses to implement Govt. guidelines on Compassionate appointments and enhancement in staff housing loan
Our efforts to find amicable solution thwarted by SBI management
AIBEA decides to take up the issues with higher levels in the Government
In the meantime, 24th June Strike by AIBEA/SSBEA postponed.
Trade union right denied in violation of law of the land:
On trade unions’ legal right of representation, though there are clear provisions in the Indian Trade Unions Act, though there are judgments of the High Court/Supreme Court, though there are communications from the Finance Ministry to the SBI management, they were adamant and persisted with their illegal stand to deny the right of representation to duly elected leaders.
(It is inferred that Bank Managements refused to negotiate with leaders of AIBEA who are retired from service. Though as per law of land they can be elected as heads of unions/associations.)
Compassionate appointments denied in violation of Government’s decision.
Government’s guidelines on Staff housing Loan violated:
Bipartite Settlement being violated:
Need to escalate the issues to the Government level: We tried our best to convince the SBI management to see reason and come forward to settle the issues amicably but they have chosen to be adamant and are pursuing a policy detrimental to the employees of the Associate Banks. They want to foist their conditions. Government’s guidelines are not being respected. Settlements are not being respected. Hence a situation has arisen for AIBEA/SSBEA to take up these serious concerns and issues with the higher authorities in the Government. 

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